Terms and Conditions.

ShippingAll items are shipped via Canada Post unless otherwise specified.  Shipping via uninsured mail is in the $10 to $20 range anywhere in North America and $30 to $40 insured.  Shipping internationally is roughly double the price of North American shipping.  Shipping will be as close to actual shipping costs as possible.  If I overcharge for shipping by more than $8 I will refund the difference.  Likewise, if I undercharge for shipping by more than $8 I may ask for some additional funds which you are at no obligation to comply with. 

CurrencyAll prices and shipping quotes are in US dollars.  I can accept payment in any currency but the conversion will always be made into US$.  I use this site for all my conversions.  I prefer to accept payment by international money order, Western Union Money transfer or cash(sent at your risk) and will ship immediately with these payment forms.  I can take a personal check but they take up to 20 business days (4 weeks) to clear and shipping is delayed until payment is clear.  In some circumstances, I may accept Paypal but these are negotiated on an individual basis.  I cannot accept credit cards unless it is through paypal or another online payment service, ask for details if you wish to go this route.

Time Payments: Time payments are available on most items.  I usually set a time limit of 6 to 12 months on payments but for large items this may be extended to a more appropriate time frame.  I am quite flexible within this but every change in our initial agreement must be acceptable to both parties.  In the event someone is unable to complete an agreement with several warnings, the partial payment that has been made is forfeit but I will give you credit towards the purchase of other art on my site for up to an additional 12 months.  At that point, if no further communications or agreements have been made, all rights to refund or credit will be forfeit.  Once we enter in to a time payment agreement, it is your responsibility to keep me up to date with what is going on(unable to make payment, illness, death in family, loss of employment, etc...).  Good communication is crucial, especially when the unexpected happens.

Damage and Lost Goods:  Items shipped uninsured are done so with the understanding that all risk of loss or damage is assumed by the buyer.  I pack very well but no one can say with any certainty what will happen to any package.  I will have proof of shipping on all items unless sent by regular mail in a large envelope.  Insured packages are insured for up to $1000 CAN as per our agreement.  Your insurance is with the Canada Post and not with me.  In the event of a claim, I will facilitate the claim process however I can but you will have to wait for a refund to be issued by your insurance policy with the Postal service, I will not provide the refund myself.  See images of a worst case scenario of art packed with two masonite boards here. 1 and 2.

RefundsAll items maybe refunded within 7 days of arrival for reasons such as errors in artist attribution, failure to describe a significant condition issue or other such errors and oversights.  Minor imperfections are present on almost all artwork, things like white out use, paste up word balloons, editors notes and other such things I usually try to mention but are not considered significant.  Also, most scans should show the defects so you know what you are getting.  Refunds for other reasons (personal, financial or change of heart) are totally at my discretion.  Shipping fees on all returns are refunded (unless we agree otherwise) but for the most part the cost of return shipping to me will be assumed by the buyer. 

Ask questions and do some research before you buy the page.  I have done mine but I don't guarantee any of the information about any page on the site. 

Also, I am very easy going, understanding and flexible.  These rules may not reflect it but they are here so everyone has some guidelines about how I do business.   Also, know that I will deal in good
faith.  Once I agree to sell a piece, I will never back out of the deal from my end, regardless of whatever else is offered to me or if I change my mind.  Once I am talking with someone about a piece, I will not entertain any further offers on the piece until business is concluded with the first party as long as communication is maintained. 

Thanks for looking at my site.

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