Selling and Trading with Us

We are always looking for new art.  If you have art for sale, to sell on consignment or you wish to trade please contact us.  You must be able to provide us with a scan of the art.  Unpublished art will not be accepted for consignment purposes unless you are the artist.  If you are an artist wishing to have commissions solicited through this site, please contact me about arrangements.



Active Want List

John Romita Sr. Daredevil art
Early Daredevil art
Daredevil Covers
Golden Age Jungle girl art
Any Jungle girl art
Fiction House art
Will Eisner Spirit art
Lou Fine art
L.B. Cole art
Alex Schomburg art
Sci-fi art by Dille,  Dworkin, Calkin, Keaton, Norris
(and other golden age strip and comic artists)
Jack Davis E.C. Art
Wally Wood Sci-Fi art
Bill Sienkiewicz art
Frank Frazetta E.C. art and Johny Comet Dailies
Al Williamson E.C. art