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last update may 2006


Adams, Neal
House of Mystery #228 Splash

Adkins, Dan
Paragon Press Centerfold

Allen, Ken
Spiderman #1 Recreation

Andrasofszky, Kalman
Witchblade/Vampirella #1 Cover

Andru, Ross
Flash #180 splash

Aviason, Al
Warfront #27 Splash

Bachalo, Chris
unknown cover 

Baker, Matt
Atomic Comics #2 splash

Baker, Matt
Fight Comics #54 splash

Bastian, Jeremy
Pirate Girl cover

Beak, J.K.
Arizona #1 cover

Beachum, Mark
Flare Splash

Beekman, Doug
Conan #161 int. Cover

Bendis, Michael
H.P. Lovecraft splash

Bernet, Jordi
Andrax Cover

Bill Black
Nyoka #2 Cover

Bill Black
Tiger Girl Splash

Bilau, Anthony
Sci-fi cover

Bisley, Simon
Gladiator Painting

Black, Bill
Jungle Girls cover

Blair, Barry
Elflord Cover

Bolland, Brian
Animal Man #37 cover

Bolton, John
Thor splash from Biz. Adv.

Boyett, Pat
Flash Gordon Cover

Boyette, Pat
Jungle Jim cover

Boyett, Pat
Jungle Jim Splash

Boyette, Pat
Jungle Jim Splash #2

Brereton, Dan
Clive Barker's Dredd Cover

Broome, Matt
Shadowman splash

Burcham, Newton
Cavegirl cover

Buscema, Sal  Buscema, Sal
Spect Spiderman 229

Byers, Reggie
Shuriken Splash

Cardoselli, Stephano
Azurek Stories Cover

Celardo, John
Kaanga 18 splash

Chadwick, Paul
Concrete Pin-up

Chaykin, Howard
Firearm #1 cover

Chaykin, Howard
Firearm #2 cover

Chaykin, Howard
Firearm #4 cover

Chaykin, Howard
Dangerman Cover

Chaykin, Howard
Gideon Faust Splash

Chaykin, Howard
Men of War splash

Chaykin, Howard
Red Sonja Splash

Chaykin, Howard
American Flagg Pin-up

Chaykin, Howard

Chaykin, Howard
Scorpion #1 cover

Chaykin, Howard SOLD
Scoproin #2 cover (unpub)

Chaykin, Howard
Dragonslayer Pin-up

Chiodo, Joe
Black Widow Splash

Colan, Gene
Savage Sword #133 Splash

Conrad, Will
Serenity #2 Splash

Cowan, Denys
Question splash

DeZuniga, Tony

Rampaging Hulk Splash

Daniels, Tony

Deodato, Mike

Dunn, Ben
Red Ronin cover

Elgin, Jill
Girl Commando Splash

Eaglesham, Dale
Daredevil 2009 splash

Elgin, Jill
Speed #40 Splash

Fabry, Glen
Viking #1 Splash

Fawcette, Gene
Boots Splash

Fisher, Seth
Tokyo Pop #2 cover

Fujitani, Dennis
Boy Heroes #1 splash

Giolitti, Alberto
Starstream #1 Splash

Glansman, S
Brothers of the Spear Cover (unpub)

Gibson, Ian
Halo Jones Cover

Gibson, Ian
Avengers Cover

Giordano, Dick
Nukula Cover

Green, Timothy
Aeon Flux #1 Cover

Green, Timothy
Aeon Flux #3 Cover

Green, Timothy
Aeon Flux Alt Cover

Green, Timothy
Fraction #3 Cover

Green, Timothy
Fraction #6 Cover

Grell, Mike
Long Bow Hunters splash

Grell, Mike
Tarzan Primordial Splash

Grell, Mike
James Bond splash

Grell, Mike
James Bond splash

Guice, Butch
Cyclops Splash

Guice, Butch
Dane Illustration

Gustovich, Mike
Justice Machine #2 Cover

Hamner, Cully
Ride Splash

Hannon, Mark
Heavy Metal Rear Cover

Harris, Tony
Street Fighter pin-up

Heck, Don
Danger #11 splash

Heike, Mark
Jungle Girls cover

Heike, Mark
Irish of Jungle Splash

Horn, Greg
Cover Prelim

Hsu, Peter
Quadrant Cover

Infantino, Carmine
Flash #303 Splash

Infantino, Carmine
In Love #3 Splash

Jaffe, Al
Trade Cover

Jones, J.G.
Femme Fatale Pin-up

Kaluta, Mike
Eagle boy cover/splash

Kaluta, Mike
Dreaming Splash

Kaluta, Mike
Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion

Kane, Gil
Kid Colt #162 cover

Kirby, Jack
2001 #6 cover

Lane, Gregory
Robot splash

Lieber, Larry
Rawhide Kid Cover

Mahfood, Jim
Girl Scouts Pin-Up

Mavlian, Vatche
Spiderman/Wolverine #3 cover

Loralei Rear cover

Mayo, Ralph
Jungle Comics splash

McManus, Shawn
Swampthing Pin-up

McKean, Dave
Rogue Trooper #6 Cover

Middleton, Joshua
King James cover

Middleton, Joshua
New Mutants #4 cover

Middleton, Joshua
Playstation Magazine cover

Middleton, Joshua
NYX #1 splash

Middleton, Joshua
Shazam/Superman #1 Cover

Portfolio plate

Mortimer, Winslow
Spidey Super Stories Splash

Mychaels, Marat
Demonslayer #1 Cover

Owens, P.S.
Jurasic Jane Pin-up

Parent, Dan

Parent, Dan
Wordfind splash

Patricio, Ernesto
Unexpected 206 

Pollard, Keith
Indiana Jones #28 cover

Porter, Howard
Justice League Quarterly #17

Powell, Bob
Cavegirl Splash

Powell, Bob
First Love Splash

Quitely, Frank
Transmetropolitan #6 Cover

Richards, Cliff
Girl 2 Cover

Risso, Eduardo
Red Sonja #5 Cover

Rogers, Marshall
Planet of the Apes splash (British)

Romita, John Jr.
Man Without Fear splash

Rude, Steve
European Cover

Serpieri, P
Druana Pin-up

Severin, John
Two Gun Kid Cover

Sienkiewicz, Bill
Elektra #6 splash

Sienkiewicz, Bill
Marvel Fanfare pin-up

Sienkiewicz, Bill 
Cometman#3 Cover

Sienkiewicz, Bill
MoonKnight Spec. Edition #1 cover SOLD

Sink, John
First Love Splash

Archie Cover

Smith, Todd
Elvira Splash

Silvestri, Mark
Conana 2 page splash SOLD

Frank Springer
Big Valley full story

Staton, Joe
E-Man pin-up

Stelfreeze, Brian
Gun Candy #1  Cover

Stelfreeze, Brian
Gun Candy #1  Cover

Staples, Greg
Batman Pin-up

Suydam, Arthur
Death Dealer splash

Nukula Cover (unpub)

Taylor, R.G.
Dragon Lady Fanzine cover SOLD

Taylor, R.G.
Storm pin-up GONE

Taylor, R.G.
Jungle Pulp cover

Terral, Lawrence
2 page Bloodfire Splash

Theakson, Greg

Frazetta/Williamson Recreation

Timm, Bruce
Hardboiled Cover Prelim.

Timm, Bruce
Worlds Greatest Comics Splash

Totleben, John
Tarzan Cover Concept

Totleben, John
Tarzam Cover Concept

Trimpe, Herb
Hulk #175 cover recreation

Nyoka #64 Cover

Nyoka #72 Cover

Nyoka #73 Cover

Nyoka #46 full story

Nyoka #30 cover

Jungle Girls Cover


Young Brides #3 Cover


Sheena 3D splash

Casper Cover

unknown (Feldstein?)
Planet #73 Splash

Punisher War Journal Splash

Unknown (?Paul Fung)
Blondie #173 cover

Flash Gordon #2 Cover

Cowgirl Romance splash

Grimm Ghost Stories Splash

Vosburg, Mike
American Flagg Cover

Vosburg, Mike
Archer and Angel Splash

Ward, Bill
Torchy Cover Prelim

Webb, Robert
Fight #32 splash

Welz, Larry
Cherry Copart splash

Whitman, Maurice
Jungle War Stories Splash

Whitman, Maurice
Jungle War Stories Splash

Williams, Kent 
Moonshadow #6 cover

Williamson, Al
Starwars #50 splash

Red Sonja #8 Cover

Wilson, Ron
Marvel Chillers Splash

Woods, Ashley
GhostRider 2009 splash

Wood, Ashley
Spawn Blood and Shadow splash

Yap, Guan
Samurai #3 cover

Yates, Tom
Aztec Ace #15 Cover

Zulli, Mike
Puma Blues Splash

Zulli, Mike
Puma Blues #18 splash

Zulli, Mike
Puma Blues TBP #2 Cover




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