Fox'y Jungle Girl

Rulah was Fox's answer to Sheena. She was everything Sheena was and more, except blonde. She was a heroine in most issues and was the dominant character. One of the biggest differences between Sheena and Rulah was that Rulah relied more on dumb luck than actual skill to survive. This made for comical story lines and plenty of opportunity to exploit everything exploitable. The dagger was her weapon of choice. Still not sure what type of animal print is on her costume? I have been told it is giraffe but in other appearances it looks quite different. Rulah also has a pet panther named Saber.

Rulah appeared in a number of comic titles including All Top, Zoot, Terror in the Jungle, Jungle Thrills and her self titled comic. Several of these other titles are reprint stories. Her first appearance was in Zoot #7 in June of 1947. Her infamous comics were used in SOTI four times and in POP once. Congratulations Rulah and Fox, in the less than 30 comics you out did both Jumbo and Jungle Comics combined. I only own 2 comics with Rulah and none of my resources has information on Rulah.

A very knowledgeable fan(Dagar) passed on the origins of Rulah to me. I took at as a direct quote.

As for Rulah's real name, take your pick: She was introduced as "Jane Dodge" in Zoot #7 and I don't think any mention was made of it again until Rulah #20 where it's given as "Joan Grayson"! As for her origin, it says here "Jane was a bored American girl" with "no home... no family... just money and a yen for adventure". While flying solo one day, she crashes into the African jungle. This of course tears her clothes to shreds ("Tsk, tsk! I'm like Eve in the Garden! What'll I do for clothes?"). Fortunately her plane beaned a giraffe on the way down (it's lying dead in the next panel with it's tongue hanging out), so Jane wisely skins it to make a bikini. She saves a native tribe from the trickery of an evil white villainess named Nurla, and the natives are very grateful ("We acclaim you! You rule us!"). But first she has to prove herself in combat, so the natives unleash a starving leopard at her ("Death Match. One must die. You or hungry cat..."). Jane gets slashed up pretty badly (lacerations on her arms and legs, with blood drops spilling out), but eventually kills the cat with her knife. Having proven herself, the natives name her Rulah the Jungle Goddess ("We will serve you forever!"), and Jane decides to stay because she likes the attention ("A Goddess, eh?... I like it!").

The "Joan Grayson" reference in Rulah #20 is from a cool story called "The Twisted Fates". It seems Rulah had a fiancé back in civilian life, but the poor guy's had amnesia for the past two years. He recovers and reads an old newspaper (Headline: "SOCIETY AVIATRIX MISSING ON DARING AFRICAN FLIGHT!") and sets out to see if she's still alive. Naturally, they both end up being captured by another treacherous evil white woman in command of a bunch of dumb natives. Joan/Jane/Rulah has changed some in two years ("Still think I'd make a good wife, Tim?", she asks as she strangles a ferocious panther with her chains), and the story ends with Rulah waving good-bye to him ("It is better this way. He finally realized I belong here... I could never forsake my jungle! Good-bye, Timothy Pointer!").

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